Sick of all the grandiose churches and cathedrals or idyllic beaches on your travels? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This is the anti-tourist page, where we celebrate everything that is ugly around the world. Whether it be a ghastly building, a slimy animal, or a legend that personifies what it is to be physically ugly, this is the place.

Seeing what is ugly, and learning why it is ugly is a special thing to do in a destination. You learn and feel more in tune with the people and history. You can better appreciate the beautiful things and life, or better yet, you can see beauty in the ugliest of things.

Ugly attractions:

It’s the Marquesan’s love of carving things into rock to blame. For making this the perfect place to hold the worlds biggest tiki (some would say, the world’s ugliest tiki): Tiki Tuhiva
Tiki Tuhiva Male Figure

Ugly gods:

Shhh! You do not want to wake this one up! Sopona, the Yorùbá god of smallpox and infectious disease…

He whanau a Punga koe, for you are a child of a god – but don’t let it get to you head. Punga, your forefather is the god of ugliness…

Ugly buildings:

In memory of the murderous dictator which caused the people of Albania to suffer, this pyramid was built…

If you had a major telecommunications company, what quirky headquarters should you build?


What do you get when you mix a box of matches with a napkin? Arguably the ugliest government building in the world…
Beehive Protest

The most exquisite, and finest architectural achievements of the Teutonic Order was demolished for this monstrosity…

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Header Image: Orc, taken at Wellington International Airport