The Brutalist H – House of Soviets, Kaliningrad

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House of Soviets Decadent, exquisite, and of the finest architectural achievements of the Teutonic Order are what could be said about the magnificent castle in the heart of Kaliningrad. Unfortunately, the Königsberg Castle was destroyed in the 1960s and in its place was erected the boring but bold, blueish-grey monstrosity representing the most depressive nature […]


The Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan

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Along the banks of the Volga sits a tiny republic, struggling for independence since the middle ages, this land has a culture and bloodline starkly different to mainland Russia. This is the land of the Tatars, a.k.a., the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan. A Quick History First established as Volga Bulgaria in the 7th century, it […]