Pub Trivia: USA

From comic books to blockbuster movies, no-one does pop culture as like the USA.

>>>Download your quiz on the United States of America here!<<<

Tips for the quiz master

Before you present, is recommended you do these things, they will make you appear smarter 😉

  • When reading in PowerPoint, click on the click the “Review” tab, then “Show Comments”. You will be able to see some info to give clues throughout the quiz.
  • The last slide has all the references.
  • Make sure you test any YouTube content before you start on the platform you are using with a friend.
  • These questions have been designed to hard. If you think they are too hard, give some clues, or adjust the question.
  • This quiz was written in 2020. Some answers may be out of date, these are mentioned in the comments panel. Use th references to check that these answers are still correct before presenting.

Round One: General Knowledge

Round One is general knowledge. It starts with open answer questions, followed by some ‘this-or-that’ questions, and ends with a ‘closest answer’ where only one team/person can take the point. Feel free to give clues depending on your audience.

Round Two: Film-in-a-Film

Like a babushka doll of American pop-culture, Round Two is “Film-in-a-film”. Every question gives the name of a fake movie that has never been made, and it’s existence is purely within another real move or TV show.

Round Three: Multi-Choice

Round Three is Multi Choice. All questions have four multiple answers.

Round Four: Fun With Flags

Round Four is ‘Fun With Flags’. There are only 5 questions but the round is worth 15 points. The first question is worth one point and is stupid easy. It gets harder each question until Question Five (worth five points) where you may need a bachelors degree in history to get right. Give half-points for anyone who gets close.

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